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North Carolina Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association

The North Carolina Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the professional training of law enforcement officers charged with the enforcement of State and Federal laws concerning illegal drugs.

NCNEOA actively researches, monitors, and supports legislative initiatives designed to increase the effectiveness of narcotics enforcement and law enforcement in general.

NCNEOA serves over 500 local, state and federal officers in North Carolina and acts as a conduit for the exchange of information, intelligence, and training guidelines affecting narcotic enforcement. Board Members are active in a national coalition of over thirty other state narcotic officer associations. As a result NCNEOA has direct input into federal drug strategy and legislation affecting narcotic enforcement. Our association solicits the aid of the citizens of the State of North Carolina, realizing that our efforts will be in vain without the support of conscientious and dedicated citizens.

NCNEOA is an affiliate of The International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association and a Charter Member of
The National Narcotic Officers' Associations Coalition.

General membership is open to any sworn Law Enforcement Officer who is employed full time by a duly constituted governmental authority and who is engaged in the enforcement of laws governing illegal Drugs and Narcotics.


NCNEOA is a non-profit organization Tax ID #56-1917180